What are the member dues and what will the membership dues be spent on?


The costs are $3.41/acre for parcels in a Priority 1* area, $3.64 for Priority 2*, $3.14 for *None area, and $3.09 for *De-designated area plus a $30 administration fee for all members, which includes paying the State Water Resources Control Board Fee of $1.55/acre. New member acreage fees are comprised of current and prior year parcel designation.

The Coalition is responsible to implement the following on behalf of the individual members

  • Representative Surface Water Quality Monitoring
  • Representative Groundwater Quality Monitoring
  • Aggregation and Summary Reporting of management practices and nitrogen management
  • Identification of the impacts to groundwater quality from members’ operations through implementation of the Management Practices Evaluation Program
  • Implementation of a Groundwater Quality Management Plan designed to improve current groundwater quality
  • Extensive Member Outreach and Education

*Priority 1: The Kings, Kaweah and four other groundwater subbasins were deemed the highest priority, Priority 1, which means their compliance with the NCP was accelerated compared to Priority 2 subbasins. Notices to comply were received by Nitrate dischargers in
the Priority 1 areas in May 2020.

*Priority 2 The Tulare Lake and seven other groundwater subbasins that were deemed the next priority, Priority 2, for compliance with the NCP. Notices to comply are anticipated within the next year.

*None: Parcels outside of groundwater subbasins and NCP priorities.

*De-Designated: Parcels within the former Tulare Lake Bed which has been de-designated for municipal and domestic supply beneficial uses.

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