March 1st is the deadline for several member reports to be filed with the Coalition or maintained on-farm.  Coalition staff are doing their best to keep up with the high demand of members needing assistance in completing the necessary reporting forms.  All of the needed forms, instructional videos, and additional resources are available on this website.  Here is a quick summary of what is required by March 1, 2017 :

  • Farm Evaluation Survey
    • Only members in the High Vulnerability Area (HVA) in 2017
    • All members submitting this year also had the requirement last year
      • If no changes, make a copy of the completed form and resend to the Coalition by the deadline
      • Members with an email address on file with the coalition can log-in, review last years submittal, and then resubmit through the account database
  • Nitrogen Summary Report
    • Only members with 60 or more irrigated acres in the (HVA) in 2017
    • Download Microsoft Excel NMP Worksheet
      • Complete Nitrogen Management Plan worksheets and Summary Report is automatically generated in the last tab
      • Submit summary sheet only to the Coalition by the deadline
  • Nitrogen Management Plan
    • Required of all members in 2017
    • Only Members in HVA will need to have planning portion certified through one of the following methods:


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