Joining the Kings River Water Quality Coalition

The open enrollment deadline passed on May 19, 2014. In order to be accepted as a new member of the Coalition, the Regional Water Quality Control Board has additional requirements. The process for joining the Coalition after the enrollment deadline is the following:

1.) Download and complete the Post Enrollment Membership Application.

2.) Upon receipt of the completed application and membership fee, the Coalition will then issue you a temporary Coalition Membership ID number*. Once you receive your temporary ID number, you need to proceed to Step 3.

3.) Complete the Regional Water Quality Control Board’s electronic Notice of Intent (eNOI). Parcel numbers and the Coalition temporary ID number will be needed to complete the eNOI. The Regional Water Quality Control Board charges a fee for this application. (**see section 2 of the eNOI for the Kings Coalition linked below)

4.) The Regional Board will then review the eNOI, verify Coalition enrollment, and issue a Notice of Applicability to the grower. Once the grower receives confirmation from the Regional Board, the Coalition will convert the membership from temporary to permanent status.

*The Coalition Membership ID number is usually a unique number string that is used to identify a Member in place of the individual’s name.
**The eNOI for the Kings Coalition can be found through the topmost dropdown list at:

What to do once you become a member

Review the General Order. Under the General Order, the Coalition members are expected to obtain a copy of the General Order and comply with its terms. Please download a copy from our website at Tulare Lake Basin General Order and review its contents.

Attend an outreach event. Coalition members are required to attend at least one outreach event annually. These outreach events will start in 2014.

Keep informed of Coalition news and events. The Coalition communicates with its members on general matters through mailings and its website. Please review any information that you receive in the mail. Also, please check out website periodically if you have computer and internet access.

Submit plans and reports if required. There is no requirement for growers to submit a Farm Evaluation Report or Nitrogen Management Plan in 2014. The Coalition is performing a number of studies in 2014 that will determine the grower planning and reporting requirements in later years.

Renew your membership next year. Coalition membership dues cover the regulatory coverage period which begins on July 1 and ends on June 30 the following year. Invoices for membership renewal are sent out at the beginning of the coverage period. Changes to covered parcels can be made during the membership renewal period by adding or deleting the parcels from the annual invoice or by calling the Coalition at (559) 365-7958.

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