2023- 2024 Annual Workshop Schedule

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KRWQC Annual Workshop Schedule

  • Members, or a designated representative, are required to participate in one outreach activity annually, either in-person or online.

  • This is not INMP training for self-certification. 

  • An online workshop video will be available by March 2024 through your KRWQC account at http://www.kingsriverwqc.org/account.

  • A reminder, INMP Summary Report submittal deadline is March 1, 2024; $50 administrative fee for late submittals.


Workshop topics will include:

  • Nitrogen and Irrigation Efficiencies by Dr. Culumber

  • Nitrogen Use Evaluation

  • Central Valley Water Quality Control Board On-farm Inspections

  • General Order Updates

  • KRWQC Activities

  • Annual Outreach Requirement: All members, or a designated representative.

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